Testimonials for this month

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Frank Niu, AppNeta



Jilly Yang, DFH

High Quality and efficiency are services you will receive from Alexander Translation. When I needed my passport to be translated in a short notice, the project manager was able to assist me within my time frame and the quality I want. It was a completely hassle free experience. Alexander Translation is friendly, approachable and delightful to work with. It is no doubt the most reliable company you will find in the field.


Matthew Kwok, Operation Manager, JPC Services Inc.

Alexander Translation is our first choice language service provider because we can always count on them to provide fast and accurate translation of large volumes of documents on a very short notice and it is always a pleasure to work with them. We are planning to continue doing so in future and would recommend them to anybody who needs fast and reliable translation service.


Tina Fang and Jack Jin, Visa Seminars International Inc.

We have used Alexander Translation’s professional service for the past three years. AT’s High quality has impressed our clients very much.


Steven Hao, Cedar Hill Middle School



Pan Liming, Future Shop



John Ha, Oak Bay Lodge



Ruizheng, Vancouver Island University

I just chose Alexander Translation by accident, but it is really awesome; they take care what every customer needs and require; moreover, I am surprised that they are so efficiently and effectively. Anyway, pretty satisfied and pleased.


Mo Emil, Fairleigh Dickinson University



晓燕, 迪拜中华旅行社