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What is medical travel (or medical holiday)? 

Medical travel (sometimes referred to as medical holidays) refers to medical treatment abroad. In the past, people usually travelled from developing countries to developed countries and received treatments that were not available in their home country at local medical institutions (usually the treatment in the target country is more advanced than in their home country). However, in recent years, medical travel has gradually evolved into people in developed countries to travel to developing countries to receive low-cost medical treatment. There are many motives: it may be for special medical items that are not available in the country, for unauthorized medical services in the country, for price differences, etc. 


What is medical travel translation (or medical holiday translation)? 

Medical travel translation (or medical holiday translation) refers to the professional translation of medical records and other relevant information of people who go abroad for medical treatment from one language to another language, to benefit users of different mother tongues (generally medical staff in the target country for going abroad ) provide timely and appropriate diagnosis and treatment for those who go abroad for medical treatment.

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